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Can I submit pictures of other items?

Absolutely! We have pictures of race bibs, programs, pins, finisher’s certificates, ribbons, and awards. As marathoning expands and racers collect more marathon memorabilia, it is our desire to give you the opportunity to share it with the world of marathoners. All we ask if that you help us in providing as much information about the race as possible when you submit your picture via the Submit page.

What about races of other distances, like 10K, 15K, half marathons (21.1K) and even ultras?

Oh my, those are great and we would love to have those too for sharing in the future. If you don’t mind, kindly provide as much information about the race as you can when you submit your picture via the Submit page.

I just uploaded my picture. I can’t find it on your site. Where is it?

Your picture must be reviewed by a crack team of quality assurance analysts at our world headquarters. Actually, that’s not true. We have to individually review every picture that is submitted via the Submit page to ensure that content is relevant and appropriate for all eyes.

How long will it take for my picture to show up in your system?

We get to them as soon as we can. Depending on the volume that is received it could be as soon as the same day or, hopefully, no more than a week. However, if you have submitted a picture and need it displayed urgently, go ahead and submit it via the Submit page and then also send us a note via the Contact Us page. We will do what we can; we aim to please.

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